Phosphoric Acide & Sulphuric Acide

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is an important chemical used in many fields. It can be used as fertilizer because living things need phosphorus element for ATP synthesis. Phosphoric acid is also defined as the most common form of phosphorus. While phosphoric acid is used in fertilizer for the development and maturation of plants, it is also the basic ingredient of many components from oral care to detergent.

Phosphoric Acid Fertilizer

Phosphoric acid fertilizer is one of the fertilizers that is extremely important in the growing process of the plant. Without phosphoric acid fertilizer, known as base fertilizer, cell proliferation and growth cannot occur in the plant. It needs phosphorus for the growth of both new roots and flowers, seeds and fruits.

Recently, organic fertilizer preferences have increased, phosphorus fertilizers are also extremely important for the plant and provide activities that organic fertilizers cannot do. Phosphorus accelerates the maturation of the plant and also provides the development of the roots. This is particularly important for dry areas. At an arid land, the plant may have trouble with the development and maturation of the roots, and phosphorus can completely solve this problem. Developed plants provide the best way to absorb water and minerals from the soil.

Phosphoric Acid Properties

The quality of the crop obtained as a result of the use of phosphoric acid fertilizer is high. In the absence of phosphorus fertilizer;

  • The plants remain stunted and do not develop.
  • The shedding of the grains is prevented and the grains are also fuller. 
  • Yield increases. 
  • The resistance of the plant to drought and some bad weather conditions is increasing. 
  • It also increases the resistance against plant diseases.
  • Stems and roots do not develop. 
  • Flowering and budding slows down. At the same time, reptiles also damage the plant and the strength of the plant decreases. 
  • A weak and bad plant will be grown, which will already lead you to harm. 

To get rid of all these problems, the use of phosphoric acid fertilizers is extremely important, especially in soils with phosphorus deficiency. When it is used, it will be seen that the yield is greatly increased.

Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric acid, a strong mineral acid, has the compound formula H2SO4. It is a corrosive chemical substance due to its dehydration feature and strong acidic structure. In addition, it is one of the most produced and used chemicals in the chemical industry.

Sulphuric acid is used in the agricultural sector for the production of phosphate fertilizers. Besides, in the agricultural sector, insoluble phosphate rocks such as calcium phosphate and acid can be used to produce soluble calcium dihydrogen phosphate. 

Both Phosphoric acid and Sulphuric acid are frequently used in many African countries such as Mali, Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya and Ghana, which are prominent in agricultural life.

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