Our Company

Neufarm®️ is a manufacturer company of fertilizer, pesticides products for the Horticulture, Specialty Agriculture, and retail markets for more than a decade.

Best solutions with high technology.

Neufarm was established to produce high-quality fertilizers and crop protection products in the form of powder, liquid, suspension, etc.

Farming with future generations in mind.

Neufarm aims to become a leader in agribusiness. We are committed to sustainable agriculture – farming with future generations in mind. We contribute to that in many ways, by raising productivity through innovative research and new nanotechnology.

Ask Us a Question

We're happy to produce customized solutions for your crops needs. Tell us more about your fields challenges and we'll get back to you with solutions.


We benefit from the rules of nature and aiming the maximum effect with the minimum amount. That's why all Neufarm products are nanotechnology.

Quality & Productivity

Our biggest strength is our specialty products that suit all stages of plant growth to enhance product quality and productivity.


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Our Vision

Innovation, Intensity, Quality, Health, Performance values guide our behaviors and actions as we fulfill our role in society and build a great company.