Highlights of Growtech 2022

The latest Neufarm products and innovations were showcased at the Growtech, where we get together with our existing partners and extended our reach to new companies around the world. A total of 1632 visitors from 102 countries visited us in our Booth in and we had 568 individual 1-to-1 meetings in Growtech 2022.

Star of the Exhibition was Gel NPKs

Gel fertilizer is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to hold onto nutrients better than other forms of fertilizer. Gel fertilizers are made up of tiny particles that form a gel-like structure when mixed with water, which helps them stick together and adhere to plants and soils better than other forms. This means less nutrient wastage and longer-lasting results for your crops. Another benefit is that gel fertilizers are much less likely to get washed away by heavy rains or excessive irrigation compared with liquid fertilizers.

Output of the Exhibition was Stronger Partnerships

Choosing the right type of fertilizer depends on several factors including climate conditions, crop requirements, soil fertility levels and budget constraints – all these elements must be taken into account before deciding which option will best suit our partners needs.

Whether you choose a liquid, gel, powder or NPK formulation ultimately depends on your specific circumstances but understanding how each works can help you make an informed decision about what’s best for your crop yield in the long run! Ultimately, understanding the pros and cons associated with different types of fertilizer can help you maximize yield potential while minimizing costs over time!


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